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Our Mission

We don't just write books 'cos we can...

We're on a mission to give you what you need to become the guitar or ukulele player you want to become.

And we're fussy as all hell about what we give our readers...

Nothing goes to print until we're 100% certain that it's easy to read, easy to understand and you'll be able to use it to become a better player.

All the confusing, badly explained waffle you find in so many music books, you don't get that with us.

That's why our readers love our books...

So whether it's music theory for guitar or uke, essential guitar skills like barre chords and scales, or blues guitar soloing and improvisation, you can be sure of seeing some big changes in your playing if follow the learning methods and techniques in our books.

Choose the right title for you now from the full range above and start your journey today...